O.S.B. Smartply

Descrizione generale

Oriented Strand Board (O.S.B.)


  • Wood from certified softwood forests, CE FSC marked.
  • Very solid board suitable for use in structural and non-structural applications, adaptable and cheap.
  • Wide choice of special products with specific characteristics.


  • Building industries, ready made/prefabricated houses
  • Industrial packaging
  • Hoarding
  • Underflooring and mezzanine use 
  • Retailers and DIY


Smartply OSB/2 - High load-bearing board for use in both structural and non-structural application and suitable for dry spaces Depliant Smartply OSB/2
Smartply OSB/3 - Moisture resistant board for use in humid conditions and suitable for structural applications in both interior and protected outdoor environments. No added formaldeyde Depliant Smartply OSB/3
Smartply Floor - moisture resistant OSB3 specifically engineered for flooring Depliant Smartply Floor
Smartply Frame - moisture resistant OSB3 specifically engineered for framed structures Depliant Smartply Frame
Smartply Hoarding - OSB specifically engineered for hoarding Depliant Smartply Hoarding
Smartply Roof - moisture resistant OSB3 for roofing application, available also T&G Depliant Smartply Roof


Thicknesses: from 6 to 25 mm.
Format: 2440 x 1220 mm.
Profiled edges T&G available