PP films ProDrawer

Generale description

PP films for drawer profiles and edges. The products range goes from a standard product line to customized foils, which can fulfill specific customer's requests.


• excellent opacity
• good colour constancy
• excellent dimensional stability
• good antistatic behaviour
• films without plasticizers (like PVC), heavy metals and acids
• environmentally friendly product, easily and efficiently recycled
• excellent adhesive performances with vinyl or thermo-adhesives
• water/coffee/paraffin resistance


• drawer profiles
• drawer edges, folding
• ledges

Technical features

- different finishes from smooth to most embossed
- foils with primer and/or corona treatment
- lacquering possible


- roll width till 1500 mm/2250 mm (according to finishes), with possible cut till 150 mm
- thicknesses from 0,08 mm to 0,40 mm (0,12 mm recommended for edges and 0,17 mm for folding)
- inner nozzle: 76 o 152 mm