Melamine Film

Impregnated papers
 “Melamine Film”

General description

Melamine impregnated films on the basis of melamine and urea resins


• excellent quality standard granted by using high technologies
• annual production capacity > 150 mill. m2 

• flexibility which enables us to offer specific solutions for every single customer
• product can be adapted for a use in different climatic conditions

• 6 state-of-the-art melamine treating lines
• development und production of innovative surfacing solutions for the laminate flooring and furniture industry


Lamination of wood based materials for the furniture industry and for interior construction components
Production of laminated floors


“Melamine Film - Short cycle” Datasheet Melamine Film - Short cycle
“Melamine Film - WHITE ” Datasheet Melamine Filme Film - white
“Melamine Film - SDW” Datasheet Melamine Film SDW
“Melamine Film - SDW AS (antistatic)” Datasheet Melamine Film SDW AS
“Melamine Film - SDW HS (handscraped)” Datasheet Melamine Film SDW HS
“Melamine Film - SHOM” Datasheet Melamine Film SHOM


Base paper weight from 50 to 150 g/m2
Maximum sheet width: 2630 mm
Maximum sheet length: 6000 mm